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HR for Growth 

We create a bespoke, scalable HR service to enable you to meet your ambitious growth goals. 

Unleashing the potential of your business

HR can be the key to unlocking high performance creating a positive workplace culture that delivers excellent customer service. HR can cut transactional costs through more efficient recruitment, ensuring the best talent apply and most importantly stay. HR can be a dirty word in fast growth firms, associated with bureaucracy and policing the company's policies. HR has definitely evolved, HR is your strategic partner who can ensure you meet your ambitious growth plans. It goes way beyond compliance. It's about attracting the very best talent, enabling that talent to produce their best work and is essential for creating a positive workplace culture that trusts, retains, supports and values its team.  All critical success factors. Still not convinced? Read on....

Why do  you need HR?

Why do I need HR?

HR smacks of policies, procedures and bureacracy. It certainly doesn't seem to fit the "move fast and break things" mentality of many start ups. This means it can get left behind in the plans. However antipathy towards HR can leave start ups/rapidly growing firms really unprepared for the typical workplace challenges a company faces as it grows rapidly including diminishing trust, causing toxic cultures to start forming, conflict, lack of engagement, low productivity, struggling management and a failure to recruit and retain talent. HR really is an essential service even at the very beginning to get the foundations set for an awesome company! 

HR systems don't do it all

Can't I just get a HR system?

HR systems, ATS systems, AI recruitment tools are advancing so quickly, they're becoming much more cost effective and easy to implement but.... they are just that, tools! Yes, they make processes far more efficient and engaging but they are only as good as the data that is put into them. They help decision making but they don't make the decisions with all the difficult, human elements involved. Employees don't become engaged just by systems, they need human interaction. HR is more than data. 

Research on why HR is needed

What does the research say? 

An 8 year long study into tech start ups during the last boom, the Stanford Project on Emerging Companies, found that those companies that brought HR expertise in first were the fastest to go public and the least likely to fail. 

Tech start ups with 100 or less have 1/2 as many HR professionals as similar sized companies in other industries (Payscale).  

"Refusing to take HR seriously" was included in the top 10 ways to damage a tech start up (Marc Andreesen). 

Our solutions are scalable

Our scalable solutions

Our services are entirely bespoke to you, there's no set packages of documents or retainers. We want you to be able to access an experienced HR professional at an affordable cost to give you the foundation to grow. Just need a few hours a month? We'll tailor it to you. Need everything from scractch? We'll tailor a strategic HR plan to bring in the essentials and plan for the next phases of growth.  Need help with specific projects? We'll agree a fixed price fee. It's all scalable and bespoke.

HR is relevant for all sizes of business

Size doesn't matter!

I know that rapidly growing firms value efficiency, a lean team and so you may feel you are too small to need HR right now? Let's wait until we have 50 employees....

There is no magic number of employees where there is a need for HR, it is about how fast you are growing. HR  can always help. 

If you currently at 10 but your plans are to hire 5 new people a month then you need some HR help to hire more efficiently and put the foundations  of HR in place. If you are a team of 30 but the CEO is still interviewing every candidate, you need HR to bring in efficient recruiting ideas. If squabbles and resignations are starting to happen, HR can help....

agile human resources

Flexible and adaptable

Start ups depend on a flexible business culture and agility. They need to be able to pivot quickly. We won't restrict that, we'll ensure that pivot is effortless, with the right talent in the right place at the right time. We'll deliver our services entirely guided by your desired culture and values and foster these as if we were an employee.  We want to you to feel that HR can truly be a force for success in a company, eliminating confusion, coaching managers, improving team work and happiness which ultimately boosts productivity and customer happiness..  



Our services are entirely tailored to your needs and growth plans.

Below are some examples of the types of services we can include in your bespoke service. 

Compensation and Benchmarking

In today's tight labour market it is essential to be ahead of the salary and reward curve for your industry/region.

We carry out comprehensive compensation and reward reviews benchmarking local, national and global salaries and current benefits trends and benchmarks for your labour market.  We'll look at the demographic of your company, what type of culture you are trying to promote and provide strategic advice on your compensation plan and strategy.

Recruitment/Talent Acquisition

The search for talent right now is fierce. We'll help you define the roles, write compelling employer branding material and manage the whole recruitment process for you up to interview stage. We'll help design selection tools, interview tasks, questions to ensure you get the best fit and we'll help organise a structured onboarding process to enable your new talent to perform quickly. 

HR Support and Advice

We can provide you with HR Support and advice for the entire employee life cycle, from recruitment, onboarding, building a fantastic culture, designing performance management processes, employee engagement surveys and initiatives, all HR policies and processes..... basically anything that impacts your employees and how happy they are at work. We've got experience across a range of sectors and sizes and provide commmercial, strategic, honest advice. 


Workplace culture has never been more important in the battle to recruit and retain talent. When companies grow rapidly it is easy to let the culture evolve naturally. But over time, negative aspects or blurred clarity on what is important, what is valued in our workplace, how we interact can start to happen. Essentially your desired owners culture dilutes. We'll help you define your ideal culture, engage and discuss with your teams and help you to describe and show off your culture through a bespoke culture playbook.  

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Free Resources and Guides

Our free resources and guides provide essential advice and useful insights to help you make informed decisions on all the people aspects of your business. We're starting with the the first area you normally want to address - recruitment of additional talent or replacement.


Our resources include guidance on writing job descriptions and adverts, designing selection tools to identify the very best talent, and guides to writing effective interview questions. All of our resources are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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I am a fully qualified and Chartered HR Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with a wide range of organisations. I started working in HR in 1998 and completed my CIPD qualifications in 2005, achieving Chartered status in 2012. Over this 20 year span I have worked in a wide range of sectors and company sizes. I have lead HR teams, Business Partnered in a variety of sectors working closely with operations and carried out stand alone roles. I have worked on large restructuring projects for multi national companies and helped SME's with tricky employee issues and buidling their company. For me, it doesn't matter the size or scale of the company, I believe HR can and should make a difference everywhere. 

II set up my own HR consultancy in 2017 when I moved to Northern Spain and now specialise in working with start ups and rapidly growing companies. I find the growth and the pace exciting and I can really see the impact my people intiatives can make on the culture, the growth, the happiness and sustainability of the company. However, I am happy to also work with established or larger companies if there is a project that you think I would be a good fit for.  I do work fully remotely but travel to the UK regularly. 


I'm a professional and highly pragmatic HR consultant, I offer frank and honest advice. I am not risk averse, I am risk aware and I will always work with you, advising you of options and their associated risks and costs. You make the decisions from an informed point of view.  I'm commercially focused with an eye on costs always and I love finding a free bit of software or solution that will solve a problem rather than throwing money at expensive tricks. I'm a bit of a techie so I love exploring and implementing new solutions to help save time and money. 

So, how does it work if you get in touch. We'll arrange a free, no obligation call where you tell me what your HR needs are, where you are in your growth journey and what your budget for HR support is. I'll then submit a proposal back to you within 3 working days, outlining the bespoke HR service options that I believe you may need. You then make your choice and we start working together! Simple as that! There's no forms to fill in and no contracts to sign.  My service is truly tailored to you so there is also no monthly standard fee or off the shelf package, we agree what is right for you and your needs right now and we adjust and adapt as we go. 

On a personal note, in 2017, I moved to Northern Spain with my husband and the dog. We bought an old Spanish stone farmhouse and we completed the renovation in 2020. We grow our own vegetables and enjoy the amazing tranquil landscape surrounded by forest, river views and vineyards except when our very demanding cat, Blue, shouts at us!! 

River and woodland galicia
Beautiful view of River Mino


“Marnie has been instrumental in guiding the creation of our employee compensation and benefits program. Her expansive knowledge of industry best practices proved invaluable for our startup. It has been a pleasure working with her."

Gerald C

Finance Director, Xcelirate



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