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Do I need HR?

Well, the fact you are on this website shows you're thinking about it! HR can be a dirty word in fast growth tech firms, associated with bureaucracy and policing the company's policies. HR has evolved, it's your strategic partner to enable your ambitious growth plans. It goes way beyond compliance. It's about attracting the very best talent, enabling that talent to produce their best work and is essential for creating a positive workplace culture that retains, supports and values its team.  Still not convinced? Read on....

Why do I need HR?

HR smacks of policies, procedures and bureacracy. It certainly doesn't seem to fit the "move fast and break things" mentaility of many start ups. This means it can get left behind in the plans. However antipathy towards HR can leave tech start ups really unprepared for the typical workplace challenges a company faces as it grows rapidly including toxic cultures forming, conflict, lack of engagement, low productivity, poor management and a failure to recruit and retain talent. 


Can't I just get a HR system? 

HR systems, ATS systems, AI recruitment tools are advancing so quickly, they're becoming much more cost effective and easy to implement but.... they are just that, tools! Yes, they make processes far more efficient and engaging but they are only as good as the data that is put into them. They help decision making but they don't make the decisions with all the difficult, human elements involved. Employees don't become engaged just by systems, they need human interaction. HR is more than data. 

What does the research say?

An 8 year long study, the Stanford Project on Emerging Companies, found that companies that brought HR expertise in first were the fastest to go public and the least likely to fail. 

Tech start ups with 100 or less have 1/2 as many HR professionals as similar sized companies in other industries (Payscale). 

"Refusing to take HR seriously" was included in the top 10 ways to damage a tech start up (Marc Andreesen). 


Our scalable solutions 

Our services are entirely bespoke to you, there's no set packages of documents or retainers. We want you to be able to access an experienced HR professional at an affordable cost to give you the foundation to grow. Just need a few hours a month? We'll tailor it to you. Need everything from scractch? We'll tailor a strategic HR plan to bring in the essentials and plan for the next phases of growth.  Need help with specific projects? We'll agree a fixed price fee. It's all scalable and bespoke.

Size doesn't matter! 

I know that tech hubs value efficiency, a lean team and so you may feel you are too small to need HR?

There is no magic number of employees, it is about how fast you are growing. If you are 10 but bringing on 5 new people a month then you need some HR help to hire more efficiently and put the foundations  of HR in place. If you are a team of 30 but the CEO is still interviewing every candidate, you skipped a stage in growth.  


Flexible and adaptable

Start ups depend on a flexible business culture and agility. They need to be able to pivot quickly. We won't restrict that,we'll ensure that pivot is effortless, with the right talent in the right place at the right time. We'll deliver our services entirely guided by your desired culture and values and foster these as if we were an employee. HR can truly be a force for good in a company, eliminating confusion, coaching managers, improving team work and happiness.  

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